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Payroll & HR Management Software

Payroll & HR Management Software

HRD encompasses several aspects of enabling and empowering human resources in organization. HRD manage people in organizations with emphasis on payroll and other functions that are designed to keep employees happy and even after joining an organization, employee goes through several phases.

  • Application Process
  • Appointment Letter
  • Promotion Letter
  • Relieving Letter
  • Full And Final Settlements
  • Offer Letter
  • Confirmation Letter
  • Increment Letter
  • Experience Letter

  • Listed below are the various features and modules available which can be customized as per your needs.

ESS Module stands for employee self-service module which offer a rank of features that can be used by the employees for updating and maintaining their information. In this content lists of functions and benefits are available in ESS module.
  • Employee Personal info and Organization info Payroll
  • ESS Module
  • Payroll
  • Attendance Management (Attendance import from Biometric Machine, Attendance import from Excel, Shift Management, Master Roll Attendance, )
  • Leave Management
  • Employee MIS Report with Pay slip

  • Other Features

    Salary Calculation & payment

    Salary Summary Monthly

    Salary Register

    Salary Payment Mode wise

    Arrear calculation & Arrear Slip

    Loan & Advance Management

    Loan & Advance Master

    Loan & Advance Transactions

    Loan & Advance Statement

    Bonus & Over Time

    Listed below are the various features and modules available which can be customized as per your needs.

  • Auto calculations of Exemptions & Deductions and Compute TDS
  • Tax Payable for the complete year & month wise
  • Income Tax Projections with the options to deduct projected TDS from Monthly Salary
  • Auto calculation of TDS based on Projections
  • Form 16,12BA & Online Challan
  • Quarterly e-TDS Return with .fuv file.
  • HR Xpert facilitates to generate online PF & ESI Challans.
  • Automatic Bifurcation of EPF & EPS
  • User defined PF and ESIC rate of deduction for Employer & Employee
  • PF and ESIC applicability check at Employee wise
  • Payroll – Other Modules
  • PF - Form 5, 10, 11, 12A, 3A & PF Statement